Welcome to the API

This api is designed for SetCrm applicaitons integration needs.
To use this api you need to get api token from you application administrator



Biyosidal app names every signup as Company. When you signup you have a companyId.

Custom Object

Company has Custom Objects. You can customize your setcrm application by creating or removing your custom objects.
For example, you can have a custom object named Account or Contact.


Custom Object has Fields.
For example, Account custom object can have Name Custom Field. Contact custom object can have Email Custom Field.

Field Item

Selectlist typed custom fields have Field Items.
For example, Task custom object can have Status custom field and Status field can have Field Items named Started, Waiting, Finished…


Record is the resource that represent the data that saved for company.
For example, “My Cool Customer” info is saved as record.

System Lookup

  • User – Comany’s Users
  • User Group – Comany’s User Grups
  • Permission Group – Comany’s Permission Groups